I have been working with Steph for the last 8 months however it was clear almost immediately that her attitude and commitment to work is outstanding. Steph has demonstrated the ability to analyse and understand company needs, goals and policies in lightning speed with the help of her drive and dedication. I highly recommend her HR consulting skills and I am certain she will help achieve the greatest results for every assignment. She has been a fantastic mentor dedicated to sharing knowledge, theories and more importantly, passion. Truly grateful.

Megan Claridge

HR & Payroll Officer, Canterbury International (Aust) Pty Ltd

Steph joined the team covering a maternity cover contract role and from the very beginning has had a significant positive impact on the business; launching and managing a number of innovative HR initiatives and improving our current processes significantly. Steph's approach to Human Resources is practical, detail orientated and effective. She has an extremely strong knowledge of legislation and dealt with IR matters fairly and professionally, within her first month in the business Steph tackled a sensitive ER matter that was resolved in full, thanks largely to her well-polished critical thinking ability and her commercial focus. Her ability to gauge a solid understanding of the challenges and needs of the business and an approach to addressing them has been a breadth of fresh air and had an immediate positive impact on the business during a challenging period of restructure and change. I found Steph to be a supportive and committed leader with strong business ethics. She is approachable, knowledgeable and a good motivator, she leads by example and holds team members accountable while always assisting others to learn and grow professionally. Steph is always positive and flexible, and is well-respected and sought-after not only by her team but the wider business. Steph is a strong, experienced, and a commercially aware HR professional I would be confident in her ability to influence and hold credibility at any level of the organisation, and design fit for purpose, value add solutions to meet real, long term business needs. Steph did an excellent job in this position, was a pleasure to work with and an asset to our organization during her tenure at Canterbury I have no hesitation in recommending Steph as an HR professional.

Rakhee Patel

Global HR Director – Canterbury

Steph joined Canterbury in January 2015 for a nine month contracted maternity cover role. At the time of Steph joining us at Canterbury, we were in the implementation stages of a significant organisation re-design. I was hugely relieved to find in Steph a person who genuinely "hit the ground running" during a challenging time. Due to her friendly and approachable nature, Steph demonstrated an ability to quickly and easily build the right relationships. She adroitly understood the strategic rationale for the changes being implemented and was incredibly focused on supporting myself, the management team and all the people in the organisation through the changes. At the same time, Steph was flexible in her approach and helped us think through a benefits review as well as a comprehensive approach to our learning and development needs. I found Steph to be very practical, solution focussed, and a supportive team player. I have no doubt Steph will add great value to any organisation lucky enough to enlist her services."

Michael O’Donnell

Managing Director Australasia Canterbury International (Aust) Pty Ltd

When I first began working with Steph, she proved herself as a quick learner, adapting to fast changing circumstances while carrying great charm and humour. The notion of her inexperience quickly faded as her extremely enthusiastic and hard work ethic led her to build strong trusting relationships at all levels of the business and develop a solid commercial understanding of the business. She is a bright and talented HR professional with a well-founded confidence in her abilities to adapt to new and challenging situations while setting those around her at ease.

Steph takes the time to develop a thorough understanding of the needs of the business or function she is supporting to ensure she is able to integrate processes and provide timely and effective HR advice to achieve the best outcome. During her time working for me, Steph always performed at a standard that delivered excellence to problem solving any issues that arose which further solidifies her proactive and solution focused approach. She was always consistently approachable and dependable, offering a quality to her role that was extremely well valued, fair and professional. Steph’s thirst to learn new things and take on new experiences make her a delight to have around and I would highly recommend engaging Steph as a HR practitioner.

Elle Dias

HR Director, FMCG

I have worked with Steph in a professional HR Capacity and have built a strong professional relationship built on sharing advice and learning’s in our careers. Steph is a dedicated, passionate and skilled HR Professional who I thoroughly enjoyed working with. She has the ability to fit in with any team and has the perfect balance between professional and personable. She is energetic and positive and brightens up any room no matter the situation. Steph is a talented HR practitioner with skills including Industrial Relations, Employment Relations, Organisational Development and Leadership Development. She is incredibly organised and is able to prioritise her tasks to suite organisational needs. Steph would be an asset to any company and will surely become a part of any team within minutes. She is fantastic and embodies everything you could ever need in a consultant.

Jacinta Forsyth

HR Advisor Michael Hill Jeweller

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